1More Dual Driver In-Ear Headphones full Review

The 1More Double Driver In-Ear retails for Rs. 3,999 on the web 

The headphones are fabricated well and are amazingly agreeable 

They convey punchy bass, and fresh and sparkly highs 

1More has caught the consideration of audiophiles worldwide in a moderately short space of time. The organization has a little yet varied lineup of headphones, straddling various value classes. The 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones got a stellar survey from us at Contraptions 360, and now we have the more moderate 1More Double Driver In-Ear Earphones in for testing.

Every earpiece of the 1More Double Driver In-Ear has two drivers - an adjusted armature driver entrusted with taking care of the upper mids and highs, and a dynamic driver that deals with the bass and lower mids. This match of headphones has a MRP of Rs. 4,499 however it's accessible at Rs. 3,999 on online business sites, for example, Amazon India. How about we check whether the 1More Double Driver In-Ear Earphones are justified regardless of their asking cost.

1More Double Driver Earphones plan and solace 

The 1More Double Driver In-Ear Earphones have aluminum fenced in areas, a L-molded 3.5mm jack to help decrease strain, and a meshed nylon link. A three-catch remote with mic is in accordance with the correct earpiece, and is material and responsive. It works with iOS and also Android cell phones.

Most double or triple-driver headphones have rather substantial lodgings. The 1More Double Driver In-Ear Earphones in correlation have sensibly measured lodgings that are calculated at 45 degrees with a specific end goal to make them fit all the more easily. The fabricate quality is choice and there are not a single unpleasant edges in sight. The interlaced link is adequately long (1.25m) and is additionally of a high caliber, however it tangles rather effectively.

The 1More Double Driver In-Ear Earphones accompany four sets of silicone ear tips - additional little, little, medium, and substantial. The headphones themselves lay on the external part some portion of the ear and just the tips enter the ear waterway. This, in addition to the absence of froth tips in the crate, implies that clamor disconnection is genuinely incapable. In our testing, we could hear encompassing clamor and individuals talking around us at up to the 50-60 percent volume level.

On a positive note, the conservativeness and state of the earpiece lodgings result in a solid match. We could tune in to music for a considerable length of time at once with no significant inconvenience. The retail box additionally contains a hard case for capacity, a pocket, and a shirt cut.

1More Double Driver Earphones execution 

The general sound nature of the 1More Double Driver In-Ear is genuinely adjusted with a slight accentuation on the lower end. The sound mark skews towards lows to the detriment of mids, which are marginally smothered in the sound blend.

The bass is tight and controlled, and never sounds enlarged, however the lower-end can be additional punchy on occasion. The mids while not as forward as we would have preferred, are smooth and normal. The treble is the place the adjusted armature driver reports its essence, and the top of the line is fresh and nitty gritty without getting to be sibilant.

The instrument division is exceptionally exact and you'll battle to locate this sort of clearness somewhere else at this value point. We could recognize each guitar being played and also hear the guitar strums with most extreme detail in John Mayer's Gravity (Live). All things considered, the soundstage is very shallow.

By and large the 1More Double Driver In-Ear is equipped towards individuals who need a warm stable mark without relinquishing lucidity, detail, or exactness. These headphones are not as exact as more costly double driver headphones, for example, the Fiio FH1, yet are appropriate for classes like R&B and hip-bounce on account of the punchy bass. The locally available receiver is likewise of high caliber - we encountered no issues while on calls amid our trial.


The 1More Double Driver In-Ear Earphones are an extraordinary harmony between comfort, sound quality, and esteem. They are amazingly agreeable and have a smooth and downplayed configuration and in addition extraordinary form quality. While the sound mark unquestionably underscores the bass, whatever remains of the frequencies are not totally tossed under the transport, and the treble is still sparkly and fresh.

Impassioned audiophiles will be baffled by the marginally subdued mids and the shallow soundstage, yet others will be unable to locate a more balanced combine of headphones than this for not as much as Rs. 4,000.

Value: Rs. 3,999 (Wipe)


Smooth outline

Great form quality

Extremely agreeable

Punchy bass and sparkly highs


Subdued mids

Link tangles effectively

Appraisals (out of 5):

Outline: 4

Execution: 4

Incentive for cash: 4.5

In general: 4