Aadhaar Card: How to Verify Your Phone Number Using UIDAI Website step by step

UIDAI gives clients a chance to check both email address and telephone number 

The instrument is accessible on the UIDAI site 

Aadhaar card must be connected with Dish card for recording wage assessment forms 

Is it true that you are certain that the contact data enlisted with Extraordinary Distinguishing proof Specialist of India (UIDAI) for your Aadhaar Card is right? If not, we would encourage you to go to the UIDAI site and look at it for yourself. Aadhaar card is progressively turning into the most imperative evidence of ID and considering that the administration has made it obligatory to interface your Aadhaar cards with Container card for recording pay expense forms, its significance has become further. UIDAI has now given an online instrument to you to confirm that the contact data gave in Aadhaar card is right.

So as to confirm whether your contact number is right on the Aadhaar card, you have to go to the landing page of the UIDAI site and pick the choice Check Email/Portable Number under Aadhaar Administrations tab. In the new tab, you have to enter points of interest like your Aadhaar number, email address, portable number that you have to confirm, and a security code. Strikingly, the UIDAI security code is case touchy and clients should remember that letters in upper and lower case will be dealt with as various elements by the framework.

The most effective method to check email address on UIDAI site 

So as to check the email address, clients need to enter the Aadhaar number, email address, and a security code on the UIDAI stage. At that point they will get the OTP on their email address, which is then required to be entered on the correct side of the page in the space gave. If there should arise an occurrence of sections that are substantial and coordinate, the framework reacts by saying "Congrats! The Email ID matches with our records!"

Step by step instructions to check contact number on UIDAI site 

Clients need to enter their versatile number rather than email deliver so as to get the OTP on the portable number and check it from the site. Rest of the method is same as the check of the email address. If there should arise an occurrence of sections that are substantial and coordinate, the framework reacts by saying "Congrats! The Portable Number matches with our records!"


The data gave to UIDAI to the Aadhaar card should be bona fide and any inconsistencies may cause issues for you proceeding. This is accurately why you have to ensure that these subtle elements related with your personality are effectively noted down in the records accessible with the UIDAI.