The doctor was doing a brain surgery while the woman was doing it with her husband.

The doctor was doing a brain surgery while the woman was doing it with her husband.
A 35-year-old woman in a hospital in Rajasthan was interacting with her husband on the phone and the doctors did her brain surgery. Doctors carried out surgery for 45 minutes and removed the tumor from a woman's brain. During this entire surgery, the woman was awake and talking to her husband on the phone. Not only that, women also gave answers to doctors' questions during surgery.

The doctors said that there was a tumor in the part of the woman's mug, that her speech was controlled and the left part of the body was operated. Therefore, it is necessary to do this surgery in an awakening condition. The first woman was counseled for this surgery and she was given detailed information about all the aspects of her treatment.

Tumor was in the control section of the body.

Shanti Devi, a resident of Tonk, Rajasthan, was admitted to a hospital in Jaipur after complaining of lethargic and dizziness. In the investigation, doctors found that Shanti Devi has a knot in the brain. Doctors discovered this tumor in the brain part that controls the left side of the body and the ability to speak. Doctors said that Our objective was to wake up in awakening condition, that during this time they could make sure that the speech speech is not reachable in any way, and if it is being done, it can be done only during surgery.

Women's counseling lasted for two days.

During this surgery lasted for about 45 minutes, the woman continued to talk to her husband on the phone. Meanwhile, he continued to answer the questions of doctors. The doctors said that all this was very difficult for the woman but its bravery must be genuinely given. Neurosurgeon Dr. Pankaj Gupta of the hospital said that before the surgery, the woman was counseled for the day and during that time she was given detailed information on all aspects of the surgery.

Doctors said that in general, patients are unconscious before surgery, but brain surgery is different. During this surgery, the patient has to stay in the awakening condition.